Who needs a Havana Brown Cat?


Oh, extroverts will do just as well with Havana Browns, they are the friendliest cats after all and enjoy just about anyone's company, but introverts are especially suited to appreciate these cats' precious personalities. Four big reasons introverts can appreciate Havana Browns:


1. You're home! Hello! 

It is most likely that your HB will greet you at the door when you get home from work. There may be a few exceptions - they just fell asleep after a particularly long session of squirrel watching through the sliding glass doors for example - but chances are they are going to be right there or running toward you when you open the front door. This one is universal - there's something about having someone or something thrilled to see you that brightens your day. No matter how onerous the day, how numerous or energy-draining the interactions, almost without fail, my Havana Browns are there, happy to see me. Just like that, I'm just as happy to see them, I get a little boost, and the evening is off to a great start.

2. They prefer to be with you, but they don't have to be with you ALL the time. 

Havana Browns will greet you at the door when you come home, investigate all your purchases, and spend each and every night asleep in your bed. They will take full advantage of a warm lap when offered and of course they will accompany you to the bathroom nine times out of ten to...make sure you're okay? Whatever the reason, HBs want to be with you. But they also appreciate a good nap and, while you may have a shadow very often, you will about as often be able to go about your business with concentration while they get some heavy duty napping done or spend half an hour watching a chipmunk run back and forth across your patio from their luxurious cat tree. This will give your introvert self time to recharge when you need it while still having the joy of their company much of the time.

3. You're both observant, easy-to-please, and self-sufficient.

Introverts and cats are independent creatures. You also both like to stay home and engage in quiet activities much of the time. Occasional night out or case of the zoomies aside, you curled up for the evening with a book or good show, your Havana Brown curled up with, well, you - you will both be well on your way to happiness and contentment. And if you want to take a bubble bath instead, your HB will happily perch on bathtub's edge and watch the strange behavior that is sitting in a lot of salted, scented liquid. You're both pretty easy going about whatever the night holds and are happy to take it as it comes.

4. Opposites attract

Sometimes it's nice to have an extrovert there to prove that you do want a little bit of the right company after all, and HBs are just the extroverts to make the case. Havana Browns crave the attention of their people and prefer it when you're there with them. Affectionate and insistent, after a day by themselves while you're out working or gallivanting or what-have-you, through the previous three reasons, they'll demonstrate their preference for you and your presence with sweetness and grace, bringing another facet of joy to your life.


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