Phos Hilaron is a traditional type breeder of Havana Brown cats based in Northeastern Indiana, USA. Our goal is to produce show quality Havana Browns that meet the CFA and TICA standards.  Established in 2014, we produce and show quality Havana Browns with a focus on temperament, health, and structural soundness.  

Our cats come from lines with pedigrees tracing back to the origin of the breed.  These lines are recognized as some of the best lines in the world with Grand Champions and Regional and National Winners.  Our emphasis on genetic diversity maintains hybrid vigor and will allow the breed to continue to thrive and remain one of the healthiest pedigree breeds.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about this beautiful breed. Thanks for visiting!

Joy Bringing Light”
Award Winning Cute Havana Brown Cat

CH ComposerCat Obrecht of Phos Hilaron with her ribbons from the CFA International Cat Show

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