Kittens are available by application only. If you are interested, please use the Contact form or download the application and email it to me at 

I sometimes also have retired show or breeding adults available to select homes. If you are interested in one of these exclusive treasures, please email me directly.

Regular kitten price is $1600 plus the cost of sterilization. Phos Hilaron kittens are fully Vetted, vaccinated, microchipped, and sterilized.

Working with fellow breeders to maintain and improve the health of the breed, I am participating in the Havana Brown Outcross breeding program. This will help our breed maintain its genetic diversity, viability, and health. It will produce kittens that are 50% and 75% Havana Brown some of whom will not meet the physical criteria required to advance our breeding programs.These kittens will most likely have the personality traits characteristic of the Havana Brown and will look very similar to the HB, however they may have slight differences such as their coats may not have ideal clarity, their color might be different (outcross kittens can be black, brown, pointed, blue, or lilac), or their eye color might not be as bright a green as desired. However, they remain wonderful family pets that will have been handled from birth, well socialized, and raised with other Havana Browns. 

F1 Kittens, any color not brown - $500 plus cost of sterilization

F1 Kittens, brown - $800 plus cost of sterilization

F2 Kittens, any color - $1200 plus cost of sterilization.

Retired adults - $800 plus cost of sterilization



Mama Charline with Baby Banichi

Mama Charline with Baby Banichi

AC Xocol Damoiseau of Phos Hilaron, a kitten I raised from about three weeks of age, took 1st place at the 2017 CFA International Cat Show in Portland, OR November 18-19. She completed the course in 11 seconds! In the above pictures she is with me (Left) and with one of the judges (Right).

She was also featured in an article on Reader's Digest page, which you can find here: